Though Amazon is a multinational corporation for electronic commerce, one would probably recognize it as the world’s largest online bookstore. It is one of America’s extremely successful online retail stores. The amount of business done by Amazon is almost three times its nearest competitor. One can find every thing possible in Amazon ranging from books, electronics, furniture, clothes, food items and toys etc. Thus, there is no doubt that Amazon is the leader in online retail market.

Amazon was found by a businessman named Jeff Bezos in the year 1994. The company was first named as Cadabra which is the second half of the word Abra cadabra. But, it was then changed to Amazon. This name was chosen as it was the largest river in the world. Initially Amazon started off as an online bookstore and eventually they began to diversify to the other areas. It operates all over the world and also has many companion websites in the countries like Asia and Europe. Amazon soon gained popularity and got ranked higher in Europe and Asia as well apart from the United States. Amazon also began offering music downloads as well as e-books.

Amazon’s pricing for its vast variety of stuff is extremely competitive when compared to its retailers. But, an interesting marketing strategy from Amazon which is the Amazon coupons makes the prices even more attractive. These discount coupons reduces the price of the product even more making it a very good deal for the buyer.

These coupons can be found if you make a search on the net. There are also websites that offer Amazon coupons. is one such website. TechBargain has more than 20 different coupons for Amazon. These coupons also include free shipping coupon or a percentage of amounts off on a purchase of selected products or brands. Apart from TechBargain there is also another website named RetailMeNot and this website is said to have more specialized coupons for Amazon. So, those who are intending to make a purchase on Amazon can check out this website for special coupons.

Amazon calls itself the most customer centric website ever and strives towards making their website most users friendly and also a one stop online shop for all their needs. It would not be wrong to say that Amazon is already there.

Register for Amazon: One needs to register in for doing any transaction like buying a product. The registration process is quiet simple.

• The first step is to open the webpage

amazon my account
• Then click on the link on the top of the page which says New Customer Start Here.
• Once the primary email id is entered in the given field, then click on I am a new customer and begin the registration process.
• Enter the full name, email address, username, password and the credit card number as well.

amazon account
• Then click on the complete button to complete the registration process.

amazon credit card login
• One can also sign up for a free trail if they want to check it out first.
• The amazon login is ready and one can start doing their online shopping for books or other things they want to.
Forgot Amazon Password: has a password retrieval option which, sends the password directly to the email id with which you registered.
• Open the website and click on “Forgot Password” which will take you to the password reset screen.
• Enter the email id with which you registered for in the email id field and the characters in the image field. Then click on continue and submit the password reset form.
• Next, open the email with which you registered and open the message sent by Amazon. Click on the link given in the message and enter the new password. Re-enter the password to confirm and then click on save changes.
• Next is to click on continue shopping and click in sign in which is at the top of the web browser. Enter your Amazon login email id and the new password and sign in with the secure server.

Once the new password is set you should either write it down or use the autofill feature of the browser which will remember the password for you in Amazon login.

How to track orders that are placed in Amazon login?

When one does online shopping the product is delivered only after a few days. Some people would be desperate to know when it would reach them. Sometimes there would be a delay for delivery for various reasons. For this reason Amazon login gives you the option to track the order. Let us now look at how it can be done:

• Login to
• Click on sign-in and sign in to your Amazon account
• Then click on “your order” which is under “your accounts”. Here you will get the details of all the order you placed. Next to the order their estimated date of delivery is also given.
Amazon customer care:
• The Amazon customer care can be contacted either online or through the phone.
• The phone number is: 1-866-216-1072.
• If you want to contact them online then:
• Login to
• On the right hand corner just above the wish list there is a contact us button.
• Click on it and fill up the details that are asked for.

Amazon wish list:

Amazon is a place where one would get tempted to buy many things but all would be in their budget or can one afford to spend a huge amount of money at one time. With the option called wish list one can add to their list what they would prefer to buy.

• Login to
• Look for things that you are interested in buying and add them to the wish list which is at the right side of the page. One can add as many items as they like to the wish list.
• You can even mail this wish list to your family and friends so that they would know what to gift you.
• You can also delete a few items from the wish list if you are no longer interested in it or someone has gifted it to you.